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How EatZilla Works

Eatzilla is an online food ordering and delivery service platform which any entrepreneur can use to kickstart their own Food delivery business. It has all the essential features of popular online food ordering and delivery platforms. Eaztilla runs on Hyperledger Sawtooth Blockchain to solve various real world problems which current online food delivery platforms are facing and supports payment via crypto.

Amazing Features

The below amazing features of our Eatzilla helps the enterprise to entice the users and tantalize them.We strongly believe that a well organized business model makes it easier to use and thereby is captivating!


Thus use the category option to organize the cuisine in order to make it more visible and thereby indulging.

Search Food

Our instant search feature helps the user who is looking for specific items to quickly spot it out and place orders in no time!

Checkout Cart

Our check out cart feature is in par with any other e-commerce solution in the market .This feature helps the user to skim through the final menu.

Referral System

Word of mouth is an efficient marketing technique that would help your product reach a multitude of people. Use our referral system feature to give eye-catching rewards.



Listen, we got a problem

Substandard Food Delivery and Restaurant Management

Low Transparency in Deep Discounting

Lack of trust between delivery partners and service providers

Some delivery partners function using fake identities

Remuneration is Limited to Commissions

Our Price

The most affordable and transparent pricing ever!
Build an app worth using


  • Source Code
  • IOS Driver App
  • IOS User App
  • Android Driver App
  • Android User App
  • Main Website (Responsive Marketing Website)
  • User Web Panel
  • Billing / Accounts Panel
  • Administrator Panel
  • Live geotracking
  • Change/cancel booking
  • Talk your driver
  • Work history
  • Review system
  • Detailed profile
  • Social media
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Powerful admin dashboard
  • Scalable product
  • Whitelable solution
  • Native mobile apps
  • Driver availability
  • 3rd party inspector
  • Complete Unencrypted Source Code Delivery
  • Book using GPS
  • Live Navigation
  • Pay using Credit/Debit Card, Cash or Wallet Balance
  • Promo Codes
  • Multiple language
  • Multiple currencies
  • Mobile apps
  • Web app
  • 100% customizable
  • App installation
  • Apps approval
  • White labeling
  • Adaptive payments

Try out our Demo For Online Food Delivery Script

Still not sure if you want Eatzilla? Well, then see how it works by using the demo app. You’ll be able to log-in to the demo account and experience all of the awesome features yourself

Demo Login Details

The Admin gets an online login with in-depth information, right there on the dashboard. The management platform has all the tools you need to track information such as pending payments, commissions, total number of users, total number of delivery partners, and much more. You get weekly, monthly, and yearly insights with graphical data to measure your success.


Demo Login Details

The users get an easy-to-navigate yet contemporary user interface that has all of the features you can find on popular food ordering applications and more.


Demo Login Details

The restaurant partner gets their own online dashboard with all the tools needed to keep track of their orders and payment. They get detailed reports on everything from the number of orders to their income.


Demo Login Details

The delivery partner gets an app that tracks, orders, payments, earnings and incentives, and location of the order receiver. Just like the user, the delivery partner also gets a map that shows them the route, and the Estimated Time of Arrival.


Benefits Of Our UberEats Clone Script

Track Orders

The users get instant push notifications at each phase of the order, from order confirmation to delivery pickup to successful delivery. The user also gets a live tracking feature to know where their order is. The restaurant gets a notification when an order is placed by the user. The delivery partner gets a notification when the order is assigned to them.

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Easy Search

Our instant search feature helps the user who is looking for specific items to quickly spot it out and place orders in no time!

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Accurate ETA

Dealing with eager customers can be a hassle. And more so when the map inside the app goes haywire. That’s why Eatzilla gives users the most accurate ETA for their orders.

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Order Details

The restaurant owners can view the order requests, and update the order status to New orders , Confirmed orders, picked up orders, cancelled orders, denied orders etc. Based on the order updates the user will get automated notifications.

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Instant Notifications

Users get instant notifications with help of the Firebase Cloud Messaging Technology about the driver details and order details.

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Multiple Payment Option

Eatzilla now gets multiple payment options including, card payments, Stripe, Paypal, cryptocurrency, digital wallets, and we can integrate any other payment method of your choice, giving your business the ultimate edge.

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Promo Code Option

You can now give customers promo codes and discount codes that can be integrated right within the app without any hassle.

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Review & Rating

Want to say something about the food or service? You can rate the restaurant and write review about them to save your fellowships.

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Eatzilla’s chat feature is ahead of the competition because users and delivery partners get the option to chat with each other right inside the app. They can also chat with customer service for resolving any issue. The restaurants get the option to chat only with customer service.

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Easy Profile Management

With Eatzilla, users can manage their profiles easily. All it takes is a simple sign-up and the users get their personalized settings, wherever and whenever they log-in

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Delivery Partner App

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Admin Panel

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User Name : admin

Password : 12345


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User Name : [email protected]

Password : 12345


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Our Clients


What our client say !

Hear what our clients has to say about Eatzilla.

"Eatzilla's FAQ"

Since our Eatzilla is a commission based system, every time the agent finds a job, he has to give a certain % of commission to the business owner. Thus benefits both the delivery agent and most important the business owners. The business owners are free to set their own tariffs and commission rates which best sites their business.

The delivery person and the user can establish support from the admin or the restaurant dashboard which is available inside the user and driver app.

Once the apps and the features are constantly updated there is an option where admin or the business owner can notify across his users and the delivery person which can be automatically updated in their device .

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy which that increases the number of visitors to your website thereby making you more visible in this competitive world. Our SEO Team have profound knowledge in digital marketing and our Eatzilla product , thus they produce spectacular results in bringing new traffic.

We are working on creating a knowledge base which will be updated soon with detailed documentation of all the modules.

Our Eatzilla app is developed in open source platform like Laravel and Php and this makes our script easily customizable to meet the customer’s specifications.

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