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Problems in Food Delivery Business

Substandard Food Delivery and Restaurant Management 1

Low-quality restaurants have been haunting online food delivery services since their inception. On Sept. 2019, Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) delisted 10500 restaurants from all online food delivery companies as either they were fake or didn’t comply with the food safety standards.

Solution On Blockchain

Since it is nearly impossible to keep a close watch on every restaurant, we have come up with Blockchain KYC to address the problem. Every restaurant requesting registration is approved only after the admin verification and smart contract agreement that again verifies the authenticity of the documents. The KYC of the restaurants is also made transparent to the customers to earn their trust and loyalty.

Low Transparency in Deep Discounting 2

Deep discounting, a technique that greatly reduces the cost of certain products to push sales, has been a prominent technique of online food delivery platforms. While it increases sales, it decreases the earning of restaurants for the number of units sold. This caused the restaurants to urge the service providers to reduce the commission instead of the cost should they opt for deep discounting.

Solution On Blockchain

Smart contract agreement acts as the layer of trust between the service providers and the restaurants with the pre-established discount and commission levels. The agreement prevents either of them from crossing the line or can be programmed to penalize those who overstep the agreement.

Lack of trust between delivery partners and service providers 3

Delivery boys went on a strike. Yes, it happened when the food delivery service provider reduced the pay of delivery partners. Although the problems have been sorted out, it weakened the trust between the two. The delivery agents surmised that if the service provider decides to take their money away, they can do nothing about it. Their cautiousness sums up because even the database would voice in favour of the online food delivery companies.

Solution On Blockchain

Although you, as a service provider, wouldn’t undertake such endeavors, the trust lost remains lost. Blockchain-based contracts and the immutable storage system ensures that payment history supports their claim if, by any chance, the data is lost.

Delivery Partners Assuming with Fake Identities 4

Uber once lost its London license as unauthorized personnel started driving cabs assuming the ID of licensed drivers. This is a grave security breach that the government had to intervene. Then again, you also cannot reveal every information of the delivery boys as that would be compromising their private information.

Solution On Blockchain

Eatzilla has arrived at the solution integrating Blockchain delivery partner KYC where the biometric information is stored. Delivery partners have to authenticate themselves with timely verifications to ensure that the right person is delivering the food. The users can also view limited information about the delivery partner traveling with their current orders to act as an extra level of security.

Remuneration is Limited to Commissions 5

Although online food delivery is a flourishing business, the competition is already at its peak and still growing. So there might occur a possibility that forces businesses to reduce the commission for a competitive edge. This makes it hard for the business to thrive in the industry.

Solution On Blockchain

Eatzilla, as a Blockchain-powered online food delivery application, allows you to launch your cryptocurrency as an additional option for payment. This allows the coin to gain monetary value against the traditional, physical currencies and equip you for future endeavors. Not to mention, you are also provided with tools to promote your coin with discounts and offers.

Fake Order and
Order Manipulation 6

A lot of dispatchers have raised the issue of fake orders and fake delivery addresses but to no avail. The problem is persisting despite the service providers’ attempts to resolve it. Another concern is, service providers can manipulate users’ orders. And that implies, if anyone manages to get into the system, they can wreak havoc to all the food orders.

Solution On Blockchain

Eatzilla has embraced a Blockchain-based powerful verification system for user address and details to ensure that no order ever made becomes untraceable. The online food delivery platform also stores the data in the immutable Blockchain data structure so to prevent order manipulation.

Lack of Transparency 7

One of the major aspects that makes your customers think twice before ordering is the lack of transparency. And with food being one of the reasons for all the diseases, people are extra cautious about ordering food online. So how can you make them trust you?

Solution On Blockchain

Information! People have always been afraid of the unknown even if it constitutes only a meagre portion. So make every information available for the customers. Eatzilla Explorer is one of the trademark features of the platform and allows users to explore and check the KYC of restaurants, delivery partners, and their previous orders.

Dwindling Trust of Food Quality 8

The trust in quality food delivery has been dwindling ever since the rumor that reported restaurants to be packing previous day’s leftovers for online deliveries. And the customers have no way of knowing it until it disrupts their healthy body condition.

Solution On Blockchain

By registering the data from procurement of ingredients/raw materials to the completion of cooking into the Blockchain network, users can better know how fresh their food is. This will, in turn, have the people flocking towards your online food delivery company and potentially allow you to establish a monopoly.

How it Works

Step 01
The restaurants, users and delivery partners get separate apps for logging in to Eatzilla.
Step 02
The restaurant owners can list their restaurants on the app and add the menus along with the supporting documents. After the admin approves their listing, they get publicly listed on the app.
Step 03
Users can create an account and browse through the different restaurants and food items and choose what they want in their area – Geo Fencing
Step 04
After the user selects a payment option at check out and makes a payment, the restaurants get a notification.
Step 05
After the restaurant gets the order, a notification is sent to the delivery partners nearby.
Step 06
After the delivery partner accepts the order, the restaurant can track the location of the delivery partner.
Step 07
The delivery partner receives the order and user gets to track the delivery partner’s location. The delivery partner delivers the order and sends the amount to the admin after deducting their commission.
Step 08
Each detail about the order, delivery and money transactions get stored in the Eatzilla Blockchain ledger. Smart contract ensure that everyone gets what they are owed.

What it is Eatzilla Explorer?

Eatzilla Explorer is a tool used by all the participants in the application to get their needed data from the blockchain. Eatzilla Explorer is similar to etherscan in Ethereum blockchain.


  •   Restaurant Commission
  •   Driver Commission
  •   Restaurant Payout
  •   Driver Payout


  •   Customer Orders
  •   Restaurant KYC
  •   Driver KYC
  •   Latest Blocks and Block Number

Key Features

Different delivery modes

Home delivery, Pickup, Hotel Dining

Payment Methods

Wallet payment, Card Payment, Cash on delivery

Live order tracking and Instant Restaurant Notification

Web sockets have been used in the application for instant notification and orders can be tracked lively just like in uber.

Wallet payment, Card Payment, Cash on delivery

Referral and loyalty points program attracts users inside platform to keep using the platform

Blockchain Powered

Only blockchain powered food delivery solution targeting to solve trust based problems in the industry.

Crypto wallet and Chat system

Complete wallet system with send and receive crypto. Any new coin/token can be configured with the system. Crypto can be used for food ordering.

How Eatzilla stands out from competitors?

For any business to thrive, the people involved must have mutual trust. Blockchain technology ensures exactly that.
Verification of information is made seamless, and the process as a whole is made transparent.
The decentralized nature of Blockchain technology means that no information gets lost, and no third party can tamper with the data.

Smart contracts ensure that each party gets their pay-outs on time and adds an extra layer of trust.
Eatzilla has a familiar yet innovative and eye-catching user interface designed after extensive research.

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